9th April 2024

Supplier showcase: Recycled washroom supplies – why we’re Loving Lucart

Recycled washroom supplies from Lucart

We’re always excited when a new supplier joins us at Avanti, and even more so when their values align so closely with our own vision for sustainable cleaning and hygiene.  We’ve been working with them for a while now, and their recycled washroom supplies are proving popular – for very good reason.

Lucart is breaking new ground when it comes to producing sustainable handtowels, loo rolls and other disposable paper products, because their raw material is a product most of us discard every day.

Saving hard-to-recycle materials from landfill to create recycled washroom supplies

If you’ve ever felt guilty about throwing away a milk carton or a juice carton because your local council – like many others – doesn’t collect them at the kerbside, you’ll be as pleased as we were to discover that someone is doing something about it.

Lucart gives new life to plasticised beverage cartons. It turns them into recycled washroom supplies, by separating out the cellulose fibres from other materials like aluminium and polyethylene. With those recovered materials, Lucart creates Fiberpak paper products, and the aluminium and polyethylene are combined into Al.Pe – a new raw material from which they make dispensers for loo rolls and handtowels.

In other words, Lucart is a manufacturer we can really get behind – and customers who are clued up on their environmental responsibilities are getting on board, too.

Washroom supplies that help clean up the planet

Lucart’s EcoNatural range is certified as climate neutral, and their collection is also circular certified.

It makes an ideal solution for hygiene products – both for businesses and the planet. Let’s put some numbers on it:

Lucard Z Fold handtowels - recycled washroom suppliesFor every pallet-load of EcoNatural Z-folded handtowels (that’s 576 packs), Lucart:

  • Recovers 10,240 beverage cartons that would otherwise head straight for landfill.
  • Saves five medium-sized trees from being felled.
  • Prevents 267Kg of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

What’s more, even the packaging is done properly. Lucart uses recycled paper or plastics to package up their products and reduce their environmental impact further.

Despite their impressive certifications, Lucart is looking to do even more, with the brand’s leaders setting new and even more challenging targets, to reduce emissions further in addition to promoting their recycled washroom supplies.

Since Lucart knows that environmental responsibility isn’t just important to your business, but to your customers, too, the brand can provide stickers, tent cards and door hangers to display wherever their products are used. It means you can easily show your staff and visitors your commitment to sustainability in every area of your business – even the loos.

Check out the full range of Lucart products we can supply or talk to us about eco-friendlier cleaning supplies in general.

It’s a simple way to help you make responsible choices for your washrooms, for the environment and for your staff, customers, and visitors.

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