13th November 2023

Janitorial Supplies Showcase: Tork Talk

Janitorial Supplies from Tork - sustainable cleaning products

Our first supplier showcase: introducing Tork, a giant of the clean and sustainable washroom scene

At Avanti, we are always helping our customers create cleaner, safer and more sustainable spaces, so we work hard to find the right suppliers. Tork is one of these.

When it comes to all matters washroom, Tork is ahead of the game. We’ve all seen the Tork brand while we’re out and about visiting the facilities at venues and offices, but how much do you actually know about the company behind the products?

We thought we’d tell you a little more about them.

Sustainable washrooms

Tork is leading the way in finding ways to make those essential washroom visits less wasteful and more hygienic with their paper products. They have a vision of a sustainable future, and that is one reason we work with them.  Avanti, and many of our customers, are on the same journey.

The company has taken inspiration from the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which sets ambitious targets with a focus on wellbeing, sustainable consumption and a circular society, including around health, sanitation and responsible production and consumption.

Tork is working hard to:

  • Make changes in production
  • Reduce waste for customers
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Provide the market with more sustainable, less wasteful consumables and dispensers

Making changes in production

With the aim of helping customers do more with less, Tork has changed the way they design and produce their products. For instance, they’ve reduced water use in their factories, AND they reuse the water they use during production.

90% of their packaging is now made from renewable resources like paper or card, and 100% of their packaging will be recyclable by 2025. Tork has even committed to a zero-waste policy in all production facilities by 2030.

Janitorial supplies that benefit customers AND the planet

It’s not just pre-consumer waste that Tork are working to reduce, it’s paper usage by consumers, too. Systems like paper towel or loo roll holders have been specially designed to dispense paper one sheet at a time, saving up to 40% of paper products used.

This brings huge benefits to purchasers. It reduces the cost of supplies for venues and offices, cuts the number of refills required, avoids costly toilet blockages from too much paper being flushed, and means fewer unsightly overflowing bins full of hand towels for staff to empty.  In fact, they are even rethinking the waste bin to make it more efficient, too.

Tork has made sure these benefits span their range, not just at the economy end of the scale but the top end also. Ecofriendly buyers can also choose products like Xpress Extra Soft Hand Towels to give users and guests a touch of FSC certified luxury.

Sharing sustainability efforts

Tork have made several of their dispensers carbon neutral, reducing their emissions where possible, and offsetting the rest. That means you can show your staff and customers you’re committed to making a difference in your own business. With some new Tork dispensers you can even get a certificate to add to your proof of your sustainability journey.

Check out the full range of Tork products we can supply. You’ll find many ways to help you make washrooms a better environment – and better FOR the environment – for your staff, customers, and visitors.

Avanti helps customers to create cleaner and more sustainable washrooms and toilets by making smart choices when it comes to janitorial suppliers – so if you would like some advice, get in touch with Avanti today.

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