Supplier Sustainability - Tork PaperCircle

Seeking out supplier sustainability: Helping Avanti customers join the circular economy by recycling paper hand towels

At Avanti, our mission is to create clean, safe, and sustainable spaces. One way we do this is by scrutinising supplier sustainability very carefully.

We always explore their green credentials in depth. It’s wonderful to find suppliers, who are truly walking the walk on sustainability – as well as providing us with products that are better for the planet.

We are delighted to highlight Essity, the company behind the ubiquitous washroom supplies brand Tork, as an exemplar of circularity.

We often don’t consider what happens next when we discard a hand towel after drying our hands in a washroom. Tork believes that we should – or, at least, that those who provide the washrooms themselves should!

World’s first washroom circularity programme - supplier sustainability in action!

The innovative Tork PaperCircle initiative is truly ground breaking. It is the first recycling service for paper hand towels.

Tork PaperCircle is designed to help businesses reduce waste and carbon footprint by collecting and recycling used paper hand towels into new tissue products.

This initiative not only promotes environmental responsibility but can help companies meet their sustainability targets.

According to Tork, a building with 800 people can potentially reduce emissions by a huge 190 kg of CO2 per month if they join this programme – that’s an estimated carbon footprint reduction of 40%.

The collection and recycling process is proven and reliable. They arrange collections, and transport the waste to Essity’s local mills. There, it can be processed and recycled into new products, ready to ship out to distributors and resellers like Avanti.

It not only reduces an area of waste that is usually unnoticed, but also closes the circular ‘loop’ so that less virgin wood fibre pulp is required for manufacturing.

Avanti supplies many Tork products, including hand hygiene products such as:

Our partnership with Essity is just part of Avanti’s determination to help create a greener world and seek out supplier sustainability. We’re delighted to now offer customers this chance to participate in the circular economy, as well as choose such sustainable, high-quality products.

Every choice that companies and consumers make matters – and that includes sustainable cleaning products. We are proud to support Tork PaperCircle.

Can we help you make smarter and more sustainable cleaning product choices? We have many eco-friendly cleaning and hygiene options to offer on our eCommerce shop. Or, why not ask us about our sustainable cleaning audit? Just get in touch.

For more information about the Tork PaperCircle initiative, visit Tork PaperCircle